Amanda's Bassets & Bostons

AKC Basset Hounds & AKC/ CKC Boston Terriers

Sadie May was just a baby!!

My new squeak toy, Birdie!!!

Give me a kiss, Mom!

Partners in Crime...Emmie & Jezzie!  Don't let the sweet innocent faces fool you!  They are full of mischief!

Casey Jane...up close & personal!!

Emmie Roo relaxin' in the sun!

Double Trouble!  Emmie & Jeddabelle

Scooter with his grass clump.

My baby girl, Brownie! (Brownie Lou, Baby Girl, B B) beautiful 24 year old Quarter Horse!  I wouldn't trade her for the world!


Brownie Lou's usual spot! 

Sadie's spot!  No one else is allowed to be on the sofa when she's on it!

Sadie May complaining, as usual! 

Scoot had so much fun playing with his clump of grass!

I actually managed to get all 3 monsters to pose for a picture together!!! Brat (grandma), Mattie K (mama) & Little Birdie K

"She said what????"

One of Sadie's puppies lounging in Katie's arms.

My Bugg, Buggie (Buggers, Buggaboo, Buggita, Buh Bug)! 

Buggie couldn't wait for her turn for pix, but then got bored with the whole thing!

Mama, Brat, had to check on Mattie during her photo shoot to make sure she was ok.

Mattie Kay loves picking on her daddy!

Aunt Sadie is more fun to play with than Daddy!

Mattie Kay's eyes are getting pretty heavy!

Sofie's Gang

One of Sadie's babies

Sadie May is so dramatic! After being picked up...which was an ordeal...and placed on the bed, she collapsed with a huff! I guess being pampered makes you tired!


A puppy from Sadie's first litter, we called him Bubba. He was so goofy!

Buggie, Brat and Billy Bob

Brat & Billy Bob

Sadie May with some of her babies.

My handsome boy, Buster!

Sofie's shy!

Sadie May was at the vet and thought if she hid her face that he couldn't see her.  Unfortunately for her, it didn't work and she still got her shots.

Sadie playing dead....

Brat likes to crawl under things...she almost didn't make it out this time.

I hunted for Buster for about 15 minutes, calling his name and looking in every room.  Then I found him, in between my pillows hiding.  He refused to leave his comfy spot.

Brat is so cute! I found her sleeping like this.

Buggie was playing Queen of the Hay Bale with Brat and she won!

Buster loves to play Pin the Puppy with Sofie's babies, but Ziggy finally had his chance for payback and played Pin Uncle Buster.

Sofie is such a good mama.

Buster playing his favorite game....Pin the Puppy.

Sofie's babies first vet visit.

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