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♦The Gentlemen♦

Tantos Kemo Sabe (Bo, BoBo, Mr Bojangles)

What a handsome fella!!  Bo is a gorgeous seal colored Boston.  He has an amazing personality....calm, quiet, sweet as can be, a real gentleman...but when he gets a rare burst of energy, he's hilarious! He's full of muscle! (looks like a little body builder)


Hyde Big Foot McCoy (Hyde, Hydie Ho)

Hyde came to us from Brazos Valley Bassets.  Hyde is in one word, Awesome!  He is so sweet and gentle, very loving. He is very handsome and definitely goofy.  I couldn't have asked for a better boy!

L-E Lil Bull Dozer (Dozer, Dingaling, Dozer Dan the Magic Man)

I would like to introduce my new handsome little man, Dozer!  It took me a while to find him, but I finally found the perfect little boy!  He is full of "it"...personality, looks, mischievousness, etc! He is going to make a wonderful addition to our family and eventually, an amazing little stud! Dozer has champions in his sires lines.


Dozer shortly after we brought him home at 6 weeks.

Boyds Billy Bob

Billy Bob was my handsome little male Boston Terrier.  He was very sweet and loving and loved people and other animals. He gave me the greatest gift I've ever received... Mattie K!  He passed away a couple of years ago and I miss him very much!!  RIP my sweet Billy Bob!!




Buster Wayne Freckles

Buster is such a handsome boy!  And what a clown! 


We are now offering stud service with Buster.  If you are interested, please contact me.  I have lots of pictures of him and his babies.  So far, he has produced some beautiful babies!












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