Amanda's Bassets & Bostons

AKC Basset Hounds & AKC/ CKC Boston Terriers

♥The Ladies♥


L-E Jezza Belle Freckles                                                         (aka...Jeddabelle, Jezzy, & Belly)

 Introducing Jezza Belle Freckles!  Belly is Sadie May & Buster Wayne's.  She is  a wonderful, gorgeous girl with LOTS of personality!  She will be joining the breeding program eventually.

Such a ham!

Casey Jane Freckles                                                          (aka...Case)

Casey Jane is a sweet girl!  She is pretty active and keeps us laughing all the time!  

L-E Flightless Bird                                                                       (aka...Birdie, Birdie K, Baby Bird, Squishy Face)

Birdie is Mattie K's first born from her first litter.  She is staying here with us & will eventually be a part of our breeding program! She is just as sweet as can be....nothing like her mama!  

Baby Bird always looks bored to tears.

L-E Mattie K                          (aka...Toot Toot. Lil Mattie)

Mattie K is such a little monster! She is Brat & Billy Bob's first born from their first litter.  We just could not part with her!  She is such a character!  She makes us laugh hourly!! 

Boyds Little Brat      (Retiring after coming litter Dec. 2014)                   (aka...Monkey, Monk, Dirty Butt, & Little Girl)

Brat is the sweetest & smartest little girl!  She has an amazing temperament and wonderful personality! 

Sofie Roo Freckles   (Retired)                                                                         (aka...SoSo & Sofers)

"Just hurry up and take the picture already!"   SoSo hates having her picture taken, so I never get great ones of her.....she always looks mad!

My sweet Sofie is officially retired.  She has been an amazing mother!  But she is enjoying being Aunt Sofie now and is wonderful at it. 



Sadie May Freckles   (Retired)                                                                   (aka Sadie Babe, Mama Freckles, SayMay & Monster)

Isn't she gorgeous!?  Sadie May is a "princess" and demands royal treatment!

My sweet Sadie has officially retired.  She has been a wonderful mother & has graced us with several beautiful litters. One of which had our little Jezza Belle!


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